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Short CV

Julia Weinmann Illustration Hamburg Fuchs.jpg
Born in Heidelberg in 1980 (already with thePaint brushin hand, of course!
1999 teaching at theGoldsmith and watchmaker schoolin Pforzheim
2003 studies in art/painting andphotographyat what was then the Freie Hochschule
for Art and Graphic Design (today'sHKDM) in Freiburg.
Participation in numerous exhibitions and collaborations.
Meanwhile worked in antiquarian bookshops (the bookstores for dreaming books) for over 7 years.
From 2008 also worked full-time for about 7 years in a studio specifically for children's book illustration inFriborg Vauban.
Attracted by the water, I migrated to Hamburg in 2018, where I now live and work with cat and mouse, bag and baggage.

In the meantime, I have created my own border triangle, which stretches from the Elbe island in Hamburg Mitte to theEiderstedt PeninsulatoMecklenburg Schaalsee regionpulls. Surrounded by nature and lovely people, this is simply the best way to illustrate it! In my free time, I like to count birds in the air, dive for fish in the surrounding lakes, jump in a triangle and continue to expand my mobile homes and construction trailers.
In anticipation of further exciting projects, I simply say: "Thank you, dear life!"

Julia Weinmann Illustration Illustratorin Hamburg Kinderbuch
5vierfarbendruck (6).png
Julia Weinmann Kinderbuch Illustration Hamburg
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